Giveaway Prizes

Prize 1

Spa Day Includes A 50min Massage, 50min Facial And 30min Sauna & Winner Will be selected randomly.

Prize 2

Day Spa with A 50min Massage Or Facial And 30min Sauna. Winner Will be selected by points earned.

Prize 3

Day Spa with 50min Massage. Winner Will be selected by points earned.

Winners will be Announce on 16th june 2024!

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last Giveaway Winners..

Prize 1 Winner

Danielle Naumann - 1/2 syringe of lip filler worth $444

Prize 2 Winner

Alma Peralta - 20 Units of botulinum worth $300.

Prize 3 Winner

Jory Zusmer - 10 Units of botulism worth $150.

What essence Med spa do

Experience serenity at Essence Med Spa, a boutique spa located in Santa Barbara, California.

Our services include massages, facials, infrared saunas, body treatments & more. All administered by our team of experts using high-quality, natural oils & aromas.