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Virtue Rf Microneedling

Virtue Rf
An effective microneedling technique that utilizes tiny, sterile needles, Virtue Rf treatments can supply the deepest layers of your skin with radiofrequency energy. After being converted into heat, this will activate the body’s healing process to provide various improvements.
*Members: $79.95
Non members: $109.95
Out Calls: $150
*Members: $109.95
Non members: $139.95
Out Calls: $210
*Members: $159.95
Non members: $219.95
Chair Massage
Echair Massage
Common Treatment:
● Complexion Restoration: Whether you have an inconsistent skin texture or visible acne scars, microneedling can be the solution you need to finally achieve a clear complexion.
● Collagen Production: This restorative process also encourages the development of new collagen, which is known to increase skin elasticity.
● Quick Recovery: Your skin will only experience minimal irritation following your treatment, which rarely lasts longer than one day.
Common Treatment:
● Fine lines and wrinkles
● Uneven skin tone
● Irregular skin texture
● Sagging skin
● Acne scarring
● Stretch marks