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Diamond Glow

Diamond Glow Facial

Designed for use on the face and body, Diamond Glow is an effective skin-resurfacing treatment that simultaneously extracts, exfoliates, and infuses pores with a powerful skin-safe serum. The device is gentle, yet incredibly powerful when it comes to helping your skin feel luminous and rejuvenated!
*Members: $79.95
Non members: $109.95
Out Calls: $150
*Members: $109.95
Non members: $139.95
Out Calls: $210
*Members: $159.95
Non members: $219.95
Chair Massage
Echair Massage
Common Treatment:
●Restores Complexion: Skin treated with Diamond Glowis left much healthier, appearing clearer, brighter, and smoother than before.
●Provides Hydration: The treatment’s serum can treat condition son the skin, like dryness, pigmentation, and acne.
● Clarifies Pores: Thanks to the Diamond Glow’s powerful suction feature, the device can extract dirt from the deepest pores and eliminate dead or damaged skin cells in the process.
Process of treatment:
1. Exfoliate
2. Extract
3. SerumInject